Friday, November 30, 2007

New York's Latest Craze Is BBQ

Yes, New York's Latest Craze Is BBQ places. You see new ones opening up around here almost every week.
Ok, it doesn’t really sound like a New York type of restaurant. And it’s not, but who cares, we can’t always look for up-scale and class places when we crave good food in New York. I for one sometimes have a obsession for some good old down to earth, mouth watering, finger licking goodies. And when I do, one of the places to visit to satisfy my cravings is a Barbecue place. Yep at times I really get a strong wish for something that promises to bring pleasure to the table. Here's a stick to your Ribs place I think you will really enjoy. Georgia's Eastside BBQ, on the East Side of Manhattan is such a place. Located about a block from the famous Katz's Delicatessen that we will visit in the near future. At Georgia’s BBQ, . the barbecue is beer-steamed, then grilled. Ever try that? No, it’s not very traditional, but if you haven’t, it’s surly worth a try. Start off with a BBQ wings appetizer. These are meaty wings and a real plentiful plate full. Saucy, yes, but not drowning in sauce and boy do they have a great crust. The sauce is really cooked into these wings, almost caramelized. Yummy yummy.....Now you are ready to try the BBQ Chicken dinner a Chicken that is very moist and as were with the wings, not over-sauced; the chicken is coated with a sticky, delicious glaze. They serve baby backs here which happens to be MY favorite and they present them on a cutting board (a nice touch), no knife is needed. they fall right off the bone. As good Baby back ribs should, meaty and moist with a nice char from the grill and just the right amount of sauce.
I do miss the smoke flavor, but they are not done that way here. The meat just pulls off with the slightest of touch of your fork, and a subtle beer flavor comes through. As I told you they would be, these are bone-sucking, finger-licking good! Sides of baked beans, green beans, potato salad, cornbread and french fries are a perfect match to the succulent meat. The baked beans taste just like I remember them when I was a kid. . The potato salad is made with red bliss potatoes. The basket of cornbread is moist is buttery as they come and I can guarantee that your going to ask for more. By the way, this place has a l simple platter make up of almost all the items that they have.. It’s a good way to taste everything and not get to crazy. The waiters and the rest of the staff are great, and that always makes your meal more pleasing. If you're looking for barbecue in New York, give this place a try for really good comfort food that always puts a smile in my belly.
So my favorite BBQ restaurant recommentation in New York would be Georgia's...