Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cutlets,patties or croquettes******************frasypoo

This is something that I always make when I have guests over.Its easy makes a million cutlets and everyone (with the exception of my husband)love it!I always make them out of fish and it never has a fishy odor


I use any type of fish or chicken or beef.I have never combined differant types of meat though just each by themself

If you are vegetarian,use veggies only

4 Carrots

6 potatoes(you can use less or more,it forms the main base)

1 cup beans

1 lemon

Finely chopped green chillies

1 onion chopped finely

1 can bread crumbs

2 eggs

salt to taste

Oil to fry

Steam the meat,carrots,beans and potatoes till done.When cool mash with hands into a well blended mixture.

Fry onions in 1 tsp oil till pink and add to the mashed mixture.Squeeze lemon juice into it.If mixture feels a little runny add bread crumbs till firm.Add salt to taste and finely chopped chopped green chillies to mixture.

Heat a little oil in pan(enough to shallow fry)

Beat the eggs and pour in a bowl.Spread bread crumbs on a plate

Make potato mashed mixture into balls and flatten into little ovals/circles etc.Coat in egg and then bread crumbs and place in oil.Cook both sides till brown