Thursday, November 8, 2007

L.A. Restaurants: Leonor's Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant....... Incognito

The City of Angels... well, actually it's more like the city of fruits and nuts, but it is a great place to visit, nonetheless.

Like New York, Los Angeles has pretty much everything you could ever want from culture to eateries. Nice for a holiday, but I wouldn't want to live there. Been there, done that. I lived in L.A. for many years after I graduated from college in Theatre Arts, until I got smart and moved. I'd venture to say that most every waiter and bartender at the majority of restaurants there is probably an aspiring "something" in the entertainment industry, so it's more than likely possible you'll be served by someone who had one line on "Ghost Whisperer". But I digress.

As I was saying, L.A. has some wonderful places to eat, something for every taste and preference. I visit at least once a year, and one of my "must eat at" places is Leonor's Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant. Yes, it is exclusively vegetarian and serves all their dishes with soy cheese and mock meats. I love their chicken enchiladas, but pretty much everything is good. The portions are huge, so you can actually get 2 meals out of it. They have all sorts of a la carte items, but their dinners are the best bang for your buck. You can get the dinner, which includes beans and brown rice, or the full dinner which also includes soup and a drink.

The place is a bit of a dive, it's very small but it's clean as is the food. No greasy tacos here. It can verge on being a bit bland, but it's definitely healthy and filling, and I love it.

Can't wait to go back!

Leonor's Mexican Vegetarian Restaurant
12445 Moorpark St Ste C, Studio City, California (91604) (at Whitsett)