Monday, November 5, 2007

My Favorite New York Restaurants *************************posted by DD2

One of New York's most popular restaurants, is also one of my favorites, it's Gramercy Tavern located in the "Hot" Union Square, Park Avenue South district on East 20th Street
The Owner is one of New York’s finest restaurant owners Danny Meyer's, who owns several of the best restaurants in New York, were they serve inventive American cuisine from the kitchen of Chef Michael Anthony in a rustic yet elegant setting. Gramercy Tavern's superb staff will envelop you with warm hospitality and delight you with an extraordinary selection of wines. When you first walk in, you will be floored by the wood-burning stove and enough fresh flowers to stock a botanic garden.
Don't let the name fool you, by no means is this place a Tavern, in fact it's one of Manhattans most Up Scale restaurants. They provide wonderful expert service and they have a fantastic menu selection.
The only down side is that it takes about 30 days for you to get a resveration. However, the young hip New Yorkers often walk in without a reservation and sit in what they call the Tavern room, it's located in the bar and has a less expenseve menu with the most amazing, and creative food. I would say start with the smoked trout appetizer, and for a main course I recommend the beef short ribs Trust me!
Don’t be shocked at dessert time when you will be offered a [Complimentary] pre-dessert Usually a Creme Fraiche with Strawberries and almond paste
And then your regular dessert, my pick is usually the Austrian chocolate almond souffle with orange ragout, kumquats, chocolate chip ice cream and pear sorbet
And after you pay the check you’ll receive a plate of Chocolates and petit fours.
So save plenty of room.
See ya there soon.