Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do not be afraid of Coconuts

A lot of people love the taste of coconut but are scared to use them in food.The look of a coconut scares them.
So heres my easy,breezy solution!
Normally cocnuts sold in the US are half cracked so you dont have to struggle with opening them.My method is a hard whack with a hammer!!!I like to drink the water that comes out.

An easy way to get the pulp/flesh of the coconut out is to use a butter knife.Hold the opened coconut at an angle and cut a line close to the edge and then go under the pulp and push up(kinda like serving a slice of cake).
I put the pieces in the blender and powder it very finely.And then I freeze it.
We use coconut powder on almost everything.My most favorite is to cut beans into small 1" lengths and boil it till almost done and add coconut and salt.We usually eat that with rice and a gravy of some sort at home in India.
You could do that with almost any vegetable.