Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finding a good Chinese restaurant in New York

Finding a good Chinese restaurant in New York is like asking someone to find a blade of grass in Central Park. One does not have to go to New York’s Chinatown which does have loads of really great places, but that’s fine and it's a great choice for visitors to New York City. Chinatown is a popular tourist destination There are many, many restaurants in Chinatown that are affordable as well as delicious, and most Chinatown restaurants can accommodate you without a reservation. But don’t be shocked if you are in and out in a New York minute. But for some really good, and I mean really great Chinese food, go to some of the other areas. Like downtown Manhattan, Chelsea, Flushing Queens, and even Brooklyn.
For Chinatown dining, I’d say it’s not really the authentic stuff that I like, it’s fine don’t get me wrong, but it’s not for me. Not these days. Years ago sure, I used to go there very often, but Chinese food has come a long way since then.
If you're looking for spicy, Sichuan cuisine, the kind that I love, the kind that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and brings a sweat to your forehead, you gotta go to Grand Sichuan International and go to the one on 9th Avenue and 24th. Street. This is the real thing. But please, stick to the Sichuan dishes don’t order the old one. from column "A" thing like they do in Iowa. Try the ma po in spicy oil, or the fresh-killed Crabs, or the whole fish in Sichuan sauce, or maybe the crispy Fish and the smoked Tea-Duck, Dan Dan Noodles with Chile Sauce, Clams with Black Bean Sauce, Sichuan Spicy Soft Shell Crab,Hot & Sour Noodle with shredded Pork, I have tried many dishes, and most of them are extremely delicious. They have a hand written menu that is about 5 inches thick and every dish is beautifully described, almost like poetry.
.At this wonderful place you simply can't go wrong. It’s not a pretty to place but you will find it to be pleasant and sometimes it's tough just getting the waiters to notice you're there. But I challenge anyone to beat the quality of this Chinese food or the price