Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jacques-Imo's Restaurant, New Orleans

Every person has his or her own favorite restaurant. And when your in a town like this you have more of a problem deciding where to go because the choices are so many. The nice thing about New Orleans you almost can't go wrong.So many great places so little time.. It's tough or maybe I should say, it’s just about impossible to get a really bad meal in New Orleans. If I were you, I would think about WHY you want to go to a particular restaurant. If the primary reason is for good food, you'll be OK in most places. If you want to add the requirement for great service, reasonable prices, and a pretty ambience, then you begin to narrow the list. Obviously, you don't go to Jacques-Imo's for ambience, unless you want to see the hectic ambience of a crowded and noisy place where people are all having fun just eating.

If your staying in the French Quarter of New Orleans, then you will be taking a taxi to Jacques-Imo's, it’s located in what is known as the up-town section, really off location is off-the-beaten-track The taxi ride will run you anout $15.00 each way. But trust me,it's worth it If you ask me if you should bother? Well, does a bear crap in the woods?The down side (if any) of this great find is they don't accept reservations so you may have to wait for a bit, but they have a really lively bar area, where you can wait, and where everyone, strangers or not get into a conversation about food.
Jacque Imo's is what is wonderful about New Orleans restaurants, which is you come for the food but you stay for the people. The selection is terrific and atmosphere is casual, friendly and the drinks are delish. Everything here is great, but I would recommend getting adventurous....from the alligator cheesecake, to the chocolate bread pudding souffle. So if you are ever in New Orleans try a night a Jacque Imo's. You won't be disappointed