Friday, November 2, 2007

Alabama - Hartz Chicken*********************posted by frasypoo

People talk about Southern Fried chicken all the time.In my opinion there is southern fried chicken and then theres southern fried chicken.For that second half of the previous sentence you have to visit Hartz Chicken in Phenix city,Alabama.It is the best southern fried chicken I have tasted in my life.I thought that I may have been starving when I first ate there and hence had a biased opinion so I took my mother and mother-in-law there.My mom is Indian and my mother-in-law was born in Alabama and they both swore that i was right!!!
The chicken is done just right,very crispy and tender at the same time.The restaurant has a buffet which is very reasonably priced but once I tasted that chicken I did not look at anything else !!!