Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here's a new Rub...

It's been awhile since a post has appeared here from Ms. A. -- life is busy and stressful. But that doesn't mean a gal doesn't have to eat. Even entertain...dinner guests pictured here...

On Sunday, we had dinner guests. To keep the meal economical, I made a roasted chicken. The meal was simple, but it turned out very well. I used a fall/winter type of approach to seasonings. It just seemed appropriate -- comfort food just seems right for an informal gathering this time of year!

I love serving sweet potatoes with a roasted chicken. I started with one of my favorite ways to make them -- an oily rub. Just mix brown sugar, kosher salt and extra virgin olive oil in a small dish. Take a basting brush and coat the sweet potatoes.

For the chicken, I used the same rub as I did for the potatoes -- but with an added dimension. I added minced garlic from a jar, and a healthy dose of "Soul Food Seasoning." That was a cheap condiment from the dollar store that I like to use for rubs, stews, etc. I also added in some honey. This was brushed liberally on the bird (doesn't she look nice?).

Once the bird was in the pan, I added equal parts of broth and apple cider -- so that there was about a cup of liquid. The bird cooked at 450 for about a half hour, then I turned the temp down to about 375. The potatoes went in at that time. For the spuds... be aware that the oil in the rub will cause some drippage. These buggers taste best when baked directly on the rack -- so to avoid messing the oven too much, place a sheet of foil on the rack beneath.

For veggies, we had left-over "yuppie carrots" -- that's what we call the pre-washed cut variety that cost a bit more. Into the mix, I added sliced red peppers and onion. This was seasoned with dill, garlic, olive oil, and the remains of a can of candied ginger. I started it off in the microwave, then finished it in the oven while I let the chicken set (prior to carving).

The meal was very very yummy. Even though we had plenty to serve four, there was enough meat left over to add to a crockpot of "stoup" (my hybrid of soup and stew) I had going. It was my "lunch for the week" project.

I know this is a simple meal, but I like to post about comfort foods and unusual ways of bringing flavors of the season into the things we make. I don't know if anyone else has ever roasted a chicken using apple cider -- but it works!