Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Balthazar Restaurant Soho, New York

Balthazar Restaurant Bistro Located at 80 Spring St New York, NY 10012 (212) 941-0364
What makes New York one of the very best restaurant Cities in the World? Places like Balthazar. This is a place that makes you feel exactly like your in Paris. I’ve been to many, US States and Cities, places like Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, and of course New Orleans. But take it from me, NY has the edge on them all. And places like Balthazar are as unique as they come. You are going to feel like you've just stepped off the Rue Montmartre and into a nouveau monde. If you're in the mood for a quiet romantic dinner, I suggest going some where else. This is not that kind of place, in fact it’s just the opposite The very minute you walk in you are going to have to walk through a maze of tables and busboys and waiters and waiters stands etc. And when you finally get to your seat, after waiting about anywhere from a half an hour to a hour, you're practically in the lap of the couple sitting at the table next to you. But don’t get put off by that, it’s not really a bad thing, not here. By the end of dinner you're certain to know where they're from and what they're doing that evening. Trust me, this is one thing that usually puts me off as well, but here, it’s part of their charm.
The food and service are well worth the wait and the cramped in feeling at your tiny table. And once you look at that menu of delicious brasserie standards like frisee au lardoons, pan bagnat, steak frites, and a glistening raw bar built for royalty, this is my all time favorite. It’s a three teir platter of ice with all kinds of shell fish goodies, like shrimp, stone crabs, a variety of maybe 4 types of oysters, clams, mussels and some things that you won’t even recognize. And then there’s the selection of fresh baked bread from the Balthazar bakery next door. A basket of about 5-6 kinds from black bread to raison bread to scones and more. Be sure to pick up a bag of croissants, a couple of baguettes, and a dozen rolls on your way out for breakfast or lunch (or a midnight snack). Balthazar is fun, and loud, and in its own electric way, it's flawless.
A meal here with a great bottle of wine, and you are all set for a great evening..... http://www.balthazarny.com/menus.php
A Votre Sante, (to your health)