Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chola Indian Restaurant, New York City

Located at 232 E 58th St New York City, Chola has it all. Incredible food, hospitable, friendly service, clean, warm atmosphere and reasonable prices.
A must if you like indian food but you better beware, all the others will seem only so-so after this.
They have an excellent variety and quality of food. More creative menus than most other Indian restaurants, and a chef that really knows his business.
On my last visit, if I remember correctly I had the daal, that was very good as was the chicken Chutneywala and the extraordinary Lamb Vindaloo. Ah just mop up the Vindaloo sauce with a side of Onion Nan

and you just can't ask for more. If your forehead don't start to sweat, then something went wrong.
I'm telling you, I've been to all of them and there just ain't none better. By the looks of this wonderful place your going to think that it's expensive, but my friends, you will be suprised when you get the check. So give Chola a try, your in for an night of a culinary experience. There is a very good reason that this restaurant has been in business for so long. By the way, they claim that they are Martha Stewart's favorite Indian restaurant.
The food is so fresh, the nan (bread) so hot, the service is very good. I come here often to have lunch at their eat at the buffet, where they lose money on me: I can easily go back 3 times to the buffet table