Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Chopping Block': Do We Really Need Another Cooking Competition Show?

I watched the first episode of The Chopping Block, the new cooking competition show hosted by the famously and showman British chef Marco Pierre White. In their attempt to suck us in the producers pulled out the all too familiar bag of reality show tricks: internal team squabbles; heart-string-tugging family situations; heated arguments (replete with multiple bleeps of the “F” word every 2 minutes) between contestants; secret visits to the competing restaurants by a critic (Come on now if this is not a complete rip off of the combination of Hells Kitchen and Top Chef together...than what is?
And just look at this guy....good chef or not, he looks like me after I haven’t had any sleep for 3 days.
And you know what? After watching the first show I found myself not caring about any of them. I just didn't buy into the whole thing. I know Marco Pierre White is supposed to be this cool and charismatic Chef, but I just wasn't feeling him last night. Does that make me a heartless, jaded serious eater with a rotten food television palate? I don't think so. It just shows me that there isn’t anymore room on television for any additional cooking competition shows. We do have several real dood ones and I’ll admit to watching 3-or 4 of them, but I say, enough is enough. Especially if we are going to start getting these “Rip-Off”

What say you, you serious eaters? Do you have room in your busy day for The Chopping Block?