Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Little Owl. New York City

Located in New York City in the West Village and it is (Highly Recommended.
I've been wanting to dine here for a while now, especially considering that their meatball sliders were featured in nearly every food publication last year. I ended up taking an unexpected lunch reservation and running into a old friend of mine who happened to be our waiter . I will admit that knowing the server DOES alter the dining experience. The menu is fairly small, but all the options sounded amazing.

I was there with two business companions and we shared three appetizers, the ricotta cavatelli, a duck breast salad and the meatball sliders. The kitchen was nice enough to split the three dishes up for us so we each had a slider and a small portion of pasta , we shared the salad family style which is easy enough with that type of dish. The meatball was worth the raves, perfectly balanced meatiness enrobed in sweet, rich sugo, The proportion of bread to sauce to meat was perfect; I could have easily put away more than one. The cavatelli was outstanding as well, nice al dente fresh pasta enhanced with a fluffy ricotta base. The bacon flecked red sauce was a winning accompaniment. I can't honestly speak to the duck breast, as I did not partake, but my dining partners were less enthused with this course.All three of us had the burger as an entree and I'm so happy I did. I love a good burger, and when I find one that is perfectly cooked and appointed, it is a true pleasure. This burger was flowing with fatty goodness, beefy juices flowed with each bite. The flavor of the meat was fantastic and so were the fixings and fries.
We also ordered their pork chop, which supposedly is one of their trademarks and we were not dissapointed.
This is a great spot, unpretentious and well-executed dishes in a charming a charming neighborhood. We all left wanting to come back for dinner.
I know this is sort of a dull blog to read because I do not have a bad word to say about the menu or the service or the food other than it is too small. But its size does add to its charm. So yes, The Little Owl is a new favorite restaurant. It appeals to me first and foremost because the food rocks. Then it gets me cause of the energy for its soul and the welcome you get from all the people when you dine there. But then, I also like it because it is a dream come true . And while my job here is review a restaurant’s food, and to tell you about it.. I think it’s appropriate, once in a while, to take a moment to appreciate more than the food, and to acknowledge the effort and the dreams and the hard work of someone’s accomplishments.